Saturday, May 21, 2011

Worry Ends

After listening to the son (Worry Ends), I couldn't hold myself of making this video...even if I was on the Air o.O.LOL
Yeah I was in the plain from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Dubai, UAE.
It was a nice...specially that I had to wait 7 hours in Muscat airport for the connected I killed the time by making this video.

The song is all about faith...and in Naruto there are many charatactors that are currying fiath of Naruto and Jirayia...Nagato and Jirayia...and Shikamaru and Asuma. The beat is not that fast and the voice of the singer (Sami Yusuf) is nice and easy to listen as well.

Here Enjoy! :) I recommend that you watch it directly from Youtube for better quality and higher level of enjoyment ;)

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