Monday, July 4, 2011

Sabo's Death AMV

Hi everyone!
I have been uploading so many Beta videos...I didn't complete many of them.
Whether because I lost interest in the idea of the video or the song itself.

Anyway...I made up this AMV right when I watched GregzAnimation's new AMV...Using this song.
The video was about the last meeting between Naruto and Sasuke in the episodes.
The Video is so amazing!

Right after I finished watching Sabo's story...I was searching for a song that fits. And here It came!!
Shattered Dreams! So I immediately started making the video!

Sabo is my favorite Anime character from now on!
It's a amazing character that briefed in his story the life we live in!
Yep the high-class and low-class!

So many lessons to learn from Sabo and his story.
It shows how the world will become in the future... as Monkey D. Dragon said.
He didn't mean the anime's future but the reality as well!
All of there things happened in One Piece is happening in the real life.

Such as when the marine announced their victory everybody was happy...but they didn't really know what happened in the battlefield !
How many sacrifices has been paid.
And the public was happy for the evil side.
They know nothing!
It' common sense that pirates are evil.
But it's not indeed.

When you look at both side...Whitebeard and his Nakama....and the marine.
Both of them think that the are the right...While the marine are deceived and they pay the sacrifices for the unfair government

R.I.P. Sabo <3

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  1. Hey ! Your AMV is amazing, but I can't find anywhere this song you use !

    I realize that a cover from "the kids aren't alright" by offspring.

    But dou you know who sing this version ?

    Sorry for my poor english ;)

    Nice job ;)