Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Torrent download

Hello mina-saaan!

I just found out that most of the download links I added in the description of my AMVs are broken, due to copyrights infringements (our sweet enemy). And I asked my sweet followers on facebook if they would seed a torrent link created by me. Based on the feedback (many Yes's), I decided to create this torrent download link (my first time, I dunno if it would work or not :P). 

I've packed my most popular AMVs and ASMVs in their best quality. The quality is even better than the ones I uploaded to mediafire, since I didn't convert them after rendering them in Sony Vegas. I hope it works and I hope you like them and seed as well! :)


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

World of Conflicts IV

Hey what's up everyone?

Finally I finished the longest project i've ever worked on (more than two months and a half)! The first trouble that i've faced was finding a suitable song...but I failed, so I had to mix songs by myself...and the hard part in this is changing between the songs without breaking the flow...which require a great deal of time till you find a good idea rather than coping someone else.

Then I had to choose a topic according to the quotes that I've collected with the help of my lovely fb fans. So I decide to emphasis on the Kings this time, and how kings manipulate people into misery for their own good. Then the characters were wondering why the world is so twisted. And in the end it was the climax of the conflict as always.

I didn't decide what to do next...but for now I'll have a break to focus on my life and my study. Coz if you are an AMV editor, you will know how time wasting this thing is! (though it's fun, but there are more important things that come first).

Direct download link:


Monday, July 23, 2012

Faith in Luffy ASMV

Hi mina-saaaan!

I was very excited to start this ASMV because of the two awesome songs!
I spent about 1 month looking for songs that fit...and I wanted to make a One Piece ASMV because I found out that most of my subscribers are One Piece fans.

The first part is more about the nakama-ship and the teamwork of the crew in general. Where Zoro gave his famous talk about the crew's teamwork.

The second part emphasizes on the captain of the crew...Luffy-sama! And Ussop (as usual) gives as a great lecture on how to be a good comrade.

I think that the only thing that let me down in the second part was that the song doesn't full stop at the climax! But rather it cools down the atmosphere!

As I get more subs it gets harder for me to satisfy my subscribers up to the expectation. Talking about the subs...I just became the most subscribed AMV editor on youtube! Which was my goal from the beginning! But I never expected myself to achieve that in this fast! 17 months!
I mean to become more popular than your idols and the editors that you are looking up to...such an awesome feeling! :)
I'm not saying that I'm the best...and I believe that I'm not the best...coz I can see many underrated great editors that I believe they make better AMVs than I do.

The reason why I upload the ASMV to mediafire is that youtube doesn't stream the video in the optimum quality. For example, the ASMV is 30fps but youtube shows only up to 25fps...which makes the ASMV look choppy on youtube.

Download link:

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

World of Conflicts III ASMV

Hi mina-san! 

Well...let's talk first about the ASMV (Anime Story Music Video) thing.
The reason why I created this category is that people usually don't like AMVs because of the crap music used and because the video is just pointless (I think), and my videos are not the same (and many other editors). 

I've been watching a lot of anime lately like Death Note, Ao No Exorcist, Darker than Black, Guilty Crown, Gintama and One Outs. All of them are good and I can find good material for my ASMVs.

Next I'll be working on my part for BSZ project "Bleach in 12 mins". My part is about 2 mins long, so I can upload it as ASMV it self :)

Direct Download link:

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We Are Fairy Tail AMV [loosecontroi BSZ]

And yeah finally it's ready...I started this project before like one month ago, after that I took editing break to focus on my studies. And here it is ready in the 5th day of this vacation.

Fairy Tail is a great anime and one of the most popular ones. It's not as good as Naruto and One Piece but it is great as well. You can love a lot of the character and the storyline is not predictable and it is very funny too!

In this AMV I was focusing on what it means to be a Fairy Tail wizard and the relations between the members. I'm a bit disappointed because I think if I worked for 2 extra hours the outcome will be so much better than this.

Anyway I wish that you like the AMV and if you didn't watch it then I recommend you to watch it. I don't think that I'll be making an AMV focusing on Fairy Tail alone for the future...but many of you were asking for one.

Song: Mark Petrie - Abeyance
Programs used: Sony Vegas Pro 10 - Adobe After Effects CS5
Anime sources: Fairy Tail (horriblesubs.org)
Time took: 35+ hours in 25 days

Direct download link: *Fixed*

Sunday, January 22, 2012

World of Conflicts AMV

Finally it's ready.
AMV making has became a major part of my life, that's way I've decided to control my self in that side.
So I decided to make only one BIG project a month.

In this AMV I've tried to collect some anime quotations talking about war, love, revange, hatred and justice. How each side of the sides in conflict think that they are the righteous. In the end the righteous is the side the last until the end. As a conclusion, we can say that the strongest is the righteous, even though they may not be the absolute righteous indeed.

I usually like to highlight some parts of anime that moves me and that describes some things in this world perfectly. Recently I stopped listing to the songs with lyrics (or whatever it is called) and started to listen to Orchestral music only. I don't agree with the ideology of  most of the artists. I like to listen to the Orchestral music and let my imagination work.

I dedicate this AMV to my favourite editor who is "Thallasin". I think that he/she (I don't know yet) is the best youtube editor. Maybe not in the editing skills side. The reason why I'm doing this is that he/she is one who made me change my editing style. And this is how I pay "Thallasin" back :)

Direct download link: