Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Sword of Ambition AMV [loosecontroi]


Roronoa...I can tell that 0% of One Piece fans don't like him.
In my opinion he is the best one of strewhats, and he is my absolute best characters in all Animes that I watch.
That's why I wanted to pay him back by making his best tribute video.

Projects like this one...focusing on one character are so hard, because you have limited scenes that you can use. And it's very hard to find them sometimes. Not like when you when you make an AMV about an Arc. I guess this project took about 25+ working hours in 10 days.  

Video info:

Songs used:
Audiomachine - 
The Longest Mile (1st)

Montage Mx - Virtus Mark Petrie (2nd) 

Programs used: Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas Pro 10

Editor: loosecontroi / loosecontroiPL
Studio: Black Star Ztudio
Time took: 25+ working hours
Number of video tracks:  4
Number of audio tracks:  3

Picture from the project file:

Direct download link:


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  2. your amv are super good I would also like to do in Spanish

  3. How can you make it so the voice? And take the songs that come in the anime?