Sunday, December 18, 2011

Captain Usopp/Sogeking

"Cockroaches might be scary, but the one who's most scary is...the great me".

Just like most of us...Usopp seemed to me coward, useless and powerless throughout watching One Piece.
But when lately I started to re-watch so random episodes, I changed my mind regarding him!
Usopp is awesome, sometimes he becomes even wise.

I guess that there are too few AMVs that are made specially for Usopp/Sogeking...or maybe there is no.
I think that he deserves more respect and popularity.

Video info:
Song used: Audiomachine - Unfinished life
Anime: One Piece
Programs used: Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas Pro 10
Editor: loosecontroi / loosecontroiPL
Studio: Black Star Ztudio
Time took: 12+ working hours
Number of video tracks:  5
Number of audio tracks:  3
Font used:
-Papyrus (titles)
-Goodfoot (subtitles) 

Direct Download link:

Snapshot of the project file:

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