Monday, July 23, 2012

Faith in Luffy ASMV

Hi mina-saaaan!

I was very excited to start this ASMV because of the two awesome songs!
I spent about 1 month looking for songs that fit...and I wanted to make a One Piece ASMV because I found out that most of my subscribers are One Piece fans.

The first part is more about the nakama-ship and the teamwork of the crew in general. Where Zoro gave his famous talk about the crew's teamwork.

The second part emphasizes on the captain of the crew...Luffy-sama! And Ussop (as usual) gives as a great lecture on how to be a good comrade.

I think that the only thing that let me down in the second part was that the song doesn't full stop at the climax! But rather it cools down the atmosphere!

As I get more subs it gets harder for me to satisfy my subscribers up to the expectation. Talking about the subs...I just became the most subscribed AMV editor on youtube! Which was my goal from the beginning! But I never expected myself to achieve that in this fast! 17 months!
I mean to become more popular than your idols and the editors that you are looking up to...such an awesome feeling! :)
I'm not saying that I'm the best...and I believe that I'm not the best...coz I can see many underrated great editors that I believe they make better AMVs than I do.

The reason why I upload the ASMV to mediafire is that youtube doesn't stream the video in the optimum quality. For example, the ASMV is 30fps but youtube shows only up to 25fps...which makes the ASMV look choppy on youtube.

Download link:


  1. this AMV was amazing. Its incredible how you find out things that could fit together in a better way. :)

  2. This is the best AMV i have ever seen. I watch it everytime i am feeling sad to remember to just have faith, but now i cant see it anymore. On Youtube it is a private Video and the downloadlink is broken. It would be awesome if u can somehow fix it

  3. What are the names of the songs in this amv?

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