Wednesday, October 31, 2012

World of Conflicts IV

Hey what's up everyone?

Finally I finished the longest project i've ever worked on (more than two months and a half)! The first trouble that i've faced was finding a suitable song...but I failed, so I had to mix songs by myself...and the hard part in this is changing between the songs without breaking the flow...which require a great deal of time till you find a good idea rather than coping someone else.

Then I had to choose a topic according to the quotes that I've collected with the help of my lovely fb fans. So I decide to emphasis on the Kings this time, and how kings manipulate people into misery for their own good. Then the characters were wondering why the world is so twisted. And in the end it was the climax of the conflict as always.

I didn't decide what to do next...but for now I'll have a break to focus on my life and my study. Coz if you are an AMV editor, you will know how time wasting this thing is! (though it's fun, but there are more important things that come first).

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