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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Torrent download

Hello mina-saaan!

I just found out that most of the download links I added in the description of my AMVs are broken, due to copyrights infringements (our sweet enemy). And I asked my sweet followers on facebook if they would seed a torrent link created by me. Based on the feedback (many Yes's), I decided to create this torrent download link (my first time, I dunno if it would work or not :P). 

I've packed my most popular AMVs and ASMVs in their best quality. The quality is even better than the ones I uploaded to mediafire, since I didn't convert them after rendering them in Sony Vegas. I hope it works and I hope you like them and seed as well! :)



  1. Thank you!!!
    I hate copyright. But did you know, you can find awesome songs under cc license?
    There's actually this one super awesome song called The Time to Run Finale by Dexter Britain. After watching and re-watching your videos over and over again, I can imagine what could possibly be made with this song. Hope you check out that song.

  2. OMG, you, sir, are so awesome, thanks a lot for this torrent! Downloading them right now! :D

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