Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Courage to Dream

Tada! finally it's done!
This one was so hard...I even lost inspiration when I started the project 1 month ago.
Finding the scenes where the characters are talking about their dreams was so hard. Thanks to my facebook friends who helped me in finding those scenes.

About the most of the animes you can see that the main characters always carry foolish dreams since the beginning of their of those dreams are to help other's and some for personal glory. In One Piece, the main characters have dreams that seems foolish and impossible for the others, even though they can on going. This show us that we must have a HUGE goal to live for, and we need to make sure it's a good one and it will leave good trace behind us when we are gone. Even though it's only anime...but you better learn from it. You must learn to never surrender, give the priority for others rather than yourself and always hope for the better.
I love the part where Ussop said: "The is a time when a man will not run away from a's when his nakama's dreams are laughed at". I found it be the Coincidence, and it fits this AMV perfectly!
I was to happy when I found it..btw Ussop is awesome even though he is coward.

Hope you liked the AMV :)

Download link:

Picture form the video

Picture from the project file


  1. Hi, first off i Love One Piece and you are by far the best amv creator for One Piece!

    I love this amv the most!But i kinda wanna know where you got the first dialogue b/w Zorro and Chopper??

  2. Really awesome AMV. Probably the best one i've seen of OP. I think the part of "We Go!" at the end is a bit off in the AMV, but it's ok.

    Btw, do you have a version without subs? It would be even more epic :D

  3. i must say your a good amv maker you deserve alot for this amv good job

  4. thanks for putting in so much hard work to offer us the brilliant amvs man much appreciated

  5. You need one whole month for it? Well I did a three minute video with more and better effects within two weeks. Whatever, this is great!

  6. so cool!!!!!!
    but i cant make the download...
    but it continues to be awsome.
    can you make about naruto please???
    thank you

  7. I loved the soundtrack, could u post the link for download?

  8. I love it and want to download it, but the media fire dl link is dead. Could you please post a new dl link?