Monday, December 12, 2011

To The Ocean [loosecontroi BSZ] One Piece AMV

What can I write...Since I came to know Thomas Bergersen I fall in love with his album "Illusions".
I wanted to use it's songs in any possible way...and this is my third one of them to use in an AMV.
The moment were Merry came to rescue the Strawhats was awesome, the graphics, coloring, sounds and dialogues were epic!
And yet...Ussop is still proving to me that he is an awesome character (aside that he is a coward and a lie...).
When I'm re-watching some of the episode including this, it really moves me.
I watched this episode for the first time maybe before 2.5 years, so I probably watched it today like I didn't watch it before.
And lastly thanks to my subscribers and fans for supporting me and keep making me proud!

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  1. I love your videos, but a couple of them have turned private on youtube, including some of my favorites. What happened? ;n;